Welcome to Manny’s Olive Oil

Olive Oil is known as the elixir of life. While I am known for my TV and Appliance business, I am also very passionate about the fruit bearing olive trees from my native Greece. Manny’s Olives and Olive Oil are 100% pure extra virgin olive oil. Olives and dipping oils are now available for your customers to taste and enjoy my passion for Manny’s Olive Oil and Olives.

Manny’s Olive Oil offers pure 100% authentic olive oil. Cold and hard pressed processing allows for maintaining the quality, taste and the nutritional benefits of the olive and offering the highest quality in taste.

Our wholesale offering will delight your customers who know and taste the difference of pure 100% pure extra virgin olive oil from my native Greece. Most olive oil on the market are merely a by-product of olive oil and many contain sunflower oil as a filler versus the purity of Manny’s 100% pure extra virgin olive oil, processed with integrity.

In addition to our olive oil, olives and dipping sauces we are introducing our new Activel line of spreads that assist and aid in digestion and tastes delicious. You can mix it with yogurt or use as a spread for your toast for your morning breakfast or eat right out of the jar.

Please contact me Manny to schedule an in-store tasting event and to set up your wholesale account for your store. Let your customers know you care to sell the very best with Manny’s Olive Oil and Olives.